Hearing Loss Can Impact Your Cognitive Health

The Audiologist is your
partner in cognitive health.

The Audiologist is
your partner in
cognitive health.

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As seen on the Balancing Act!

As seen on the Balancing Act!

Researchers Discover Brain Reorganizes after Hearing Loss5

Researchers exploring the ways in which our brains respond to hearing loss have found that the brain reorganizes, which may be related to a link between age-related hearing loss and dementia. According to a presentation at the 169th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) being held May 18-22 in Pittsburgh, Pa, researchers from the University of Colorado suggest that the portion of the brain devoted to hearing can become reorganized—reassigned to other functions—even with early-stage hearing loss, and may play a role in cognitive decline.

Major Health Organizations
Urge Early

Major Health
Organizations Urge
Early Detection

BrainGears BrainGears

Hearing ↔ Cognition

Your Audiologist now offers cognitive screening that can measure your current cognitive performance while you are in the office.

This is not an IQ test or list of questions, rather a simple, automated assessment that takes about eight to ten minutes to complete.

The results can help your Audiologist determine your cognitive health and ensure your hearing correction solutions are right for you.

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Cognivue Thrive Introductory Video

Cognivue Thrive Introductory Video

Hearing loss may contribute to cognitive decline.1,2,3,4

Your Audiologist now offers cognitive screening. This is a personalized way to receive an overall screening of your cognitive health. Easy. Fast. Reliable.

Remember, untreated hearing loss can contribute to cognitive decline.

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